Digital Graffiti Brush Set for Procreate App

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  • Graffiti Brush Set Includes 70 Brushes

Create digital graffiti art like a pro with the Digital Graffiti Brush Set!


Inspired by Aerosol Caps, these professional-grade brushes emulate the spray patterns, thickness, and textures produced by popular aerosol brands for an immersive experience that mirrors the artistry of traditional graffiti.


Not only do our brushes offer the precision and flexibility to bring visions to life in striking detail, they also simulate the fluidity, translucency, and texture of real spray paint for a tactile sensation that's guaranteed to bring artwork to life.


Whether you're aiming for expressive sketches, authentic tags (signatures), eye-catching bombings, dynamic throw-ups, or intricate detailing - this comprehensive brush set caters to all styles and artistic expressions! Plus, it extends beyond graffiti artists - welcoming any artist who wishes to infuse their work with an urban, street-inspired touch.


It's time to inject some dynamic street vibes into your work; get ready to take your creative endeavors up a notch with our Digital Graffiti Brush set.



Please be aware that while our Digital Graffiti Brushes Set is inspired by the aerosol caps used in graffiti art, they are not 100% replicas of any specific caps. These brushes have been meticulously designed to capture the essence and characteristics of aerosol caps, offering a similar realistic experience in the digital medium.


The purpose of these brushes is to provide artists with a versatile toolset that emulates the texture, spray patterns, and overall feel of traditional graffiti techniques. We encourage you to explore and experiment with these brushes to create your own unique artistic style while enjoying the vibrant street touch they offer.

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Unfortunately, our brush sets have been exclusively designed for the Procreate app on iOS devices.

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These brushes are super fresh! They're easy to use and have a "realistic" feel to them. The design factors are limitless with them.


Mr. Dersx’s Graffiti Brushes are a diverse collection of beautifully organic, fluid, digital paints. These allow me to easily explore new lettering techniques - and I especially love all of the extra splash and spray effects for the perfect final touch to my work! Great job on these!


So I used this AWESOME BRUSHES ⚡️⚡️⚡️, for my small painting studio. I can say these are game changer, the quality in printing is awesome, it saved so much of my time. I can create more art easy and fast. I am sure you will love it.

Eleftherios P.

Gracias por tan buenos pinceles y por la inspiración bro! Para mí se ha abierto un mundo de graffiti en el iPad con la máxima comodidad!🔥🔥🔥🖤

Serhii Mekh